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Special Visual Art Exhibit

“Tech Decks”
Ian Angus McDonald, Artist

Embark on a visual journey with Tech Decks, a 20 piece collection of multi layered skateboard decks. This series began with a powerful and visceral nod to the impact of the artist’s snowboarding injury upon graduating college. The skateboards manifest a raw, almost bloody inception, mirroring the chaotic and unpredictable nature of life’s challenges.

Finding solace and motivation in the parallel between board sports, the art of painting and technology, the artist found all three demanded a tenacious spirit willing to embrace failure as a crucial part of the learning process.

A meticulous layering process unfolds, as acrylics and spray paint dance atop the boards, each layer contributing to the evolving narrative of resilience and growth. Through the transformative addition of using resin, a layer of depth and tactile quality is built. Thus allowing an invitation inside the layers and timeline of each painting. Navigating a cycle of repetition: masking, painting, curing, and sanding, a rhythmic dance is created both mirroring the continuous pursuit of perfection and the iterative journey of both art and life. In each board, the viewer glimpses not just a piece of art but a chronicle of triumph over adversity, inviting all to appreciate the beauty born from the union of passion and perseverance.

Ian Angus McDonald, a interdisciplinary artist residing in Lubbock, Texas, is a versatile painter and muralist with a unique flair tor connecting through creativity. His artistic journey began at the University of Oregon, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Intrigued by sculpture, photography, videography and painting, Ian has been on a mission to explore and combine various mediums and processes for diverse outcomes and discoveries.

Ian’s artistic expression navigates various techniques, styles and mediums within his work. However, experimenting with the dynamic interplay of acrylics, spray paint and resin allows him to craft vibrant interwoven layers of within his paintings.

Beyond the canvas, his art spills into the public realm, where new life is brought into urban spaces through large scale murals. Committed to connecting with people in a tangible and creative way, live painting at music festivals and events allows the idea of transforming the artistic experience into a shared journey.

Ian’s art is a celebration of diversity and a testament to the endless possibilities within the realm of creativity. Through his paintings, murals and live performances, the goal is to continue to explore the artistic process and leave an indelible mark on the artistic landscape and community around me.

46th Annual
Lubbock Arts Festival

April 13-14, 2024
Lubbock Memorial Civic Center
1501 Mac Davis Lane
Lubbock, Texas 79401


Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday: 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.



$5 in advance online
$7 at the door
Children 12 and under admitted FREE with adult